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16 business lessons for freelancers

The vast majority of freelance designers and developers have chosen to embark upon a career as a freelancer because of their interests and abilities that are related to the work that they’re doing. Running a business is just a necessary evil for most of us, rather than being the ultimate focus of an occupational decision. In many cases, the most dreaded duties for a freelancer are those that only deal with the business aspects, such as invoicing, tracking finances and working on taxes.

Regardless of how much we like or dislike the requirements of the business side of our work, running an efficient and legitimate business is essential… read more at 16 Business Lessons for Freelancers –

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Selling tips for the timid

While some of us relish every facet of the sales process, most people would rather get a tooth pulled without anesthetic then attempt to sell anything. Thousands of women are mustering up the courage to start their own companies every day, but all too many shy away from actually selling their products or services.

For everyone who has dreaded asking for business, here are some tips that will help you overcome your fears and get comfortable selling on your own terms… read more at Selling Tips for the Timid –

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Not your father’s marketing campaign

Press releases can be targeted directly to consumers, without the media filter. Here are 4 new ways to use press releases to win sales.

n a tough economy, with businesses and consumers cutting back on spending, even the best advertising may not be enough to sway shoppers. Right now, PR is an indispensable part of a campaign thanks to its influence over consumers’ buying decisions. When asked to rank the factors that sway them to buy a product or service, many Americans cite reading about it or seeing a recommendation. And though PR tactics that earn news coverage are still standard practice, these new PR tactics can help you gain credibility and grab the attention of customers.

It all starts with a press release. But it’s what you do with your release these days that counts. Here are four ways to use PR as a conduit to sales. …more at Not Your Father’s Marketing Campaign – Public relation tactics –

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