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Private social network aids revenue bump for New York hotel

A little more than two years after approaching branding and design firm 321 Worldwide about an image overhaul, The Pickwick Arms hotel has a new look, new Web site, new tagline and logo, new room keys, and even a new name: The Pod Hotel.

And because it’s 2008, its also has its own social network.

Guests of the Pod, which is in New York City, can now log onto the network, called PodCulture, in advance of their arrival and socialize with other hotel guests …read more at Private Social Network Aids Revenue Bump for New York Hotel – ClickZ.

Image credit: The Pod Hotel

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Churches use novel approaches to attract members

THIS time of year, advertising is filled with religious imagery. But typically, little of it is actually sponsored by religious organizations. That is starting to change as churches seek to take advantage of the seasonal opportunity to communicate with prospective members.

The change comes as anecdotal evidence suggests that the worsening economy may be sending more people to churches, synagogues and other houses of worship as financial setbacks bring some to their knees — at least figuratively.

Denominations like the United Church of Christ have tried advertising before, running campaigns that play on the unexpectedness of encountering a pitch for religion amid more prosaic spiels for soup, soap and soft drinks… read more at Advertising – Churches Use Novel Approaches to Attract Members –

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5 tips for successful blog optimization

Yesterday I posted “3 Reasons Why Blog SEO Fails” to help readers avoid the pitfalls of starting a business or corporate blog purely for SEO reasons only to end up wasting time and energy. Without proper planning, oversight and passion for the topic, blogs implemented purely for SEO objectives are doomed to fail. Additionally, social media referrals and recommendations are becoming a notable competitor to search traffic which can place SEO as a secondary promotional effort in some situations.

Here are five tips for successful business blog optimization benefits in the long run …more from Online Marketing Blog. Flickr photo credit: N-ino

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