Churches use novel approaches to attract members

THIS time of year, advertising is filled with religious imagery. But typically, little of it is actually sponsored by religious organizations. That is starting to change as churches seek to take advantage of the seasonal opportunity to communicate with prospective members.

The change comes as anecdotal evidence suggests that the worsening economy may be sending more people to churches, synagogues and other houses of worship as financial setbacks bring some to their knees — at least figuratively.

Denominations like the United Church of Christ have tried advertising before, running campaigns that play on the unexpectedness of encountering a pitch for religion amid more prosaic spiels for soup, soap and soft drinks… read more at Advertising – Churches Use Novel Approaches to Attract Members –

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Not your father’s marketing campaign

Press releases can be targeted directly to consumers, without the media filter. Here are 4 new ways to use press releases to win sales.

n a tough economy, with businesses and consumers cutting back on spending, even the best advertising may not be enough to sway shoppers. Right now, PR is an indispensable part of a campaign thanks to its influence over consumers’ buying decisions. When asked to rank the factors that sway them to buy a product or service, many Americans cite reading about it or seeing a recommendation. And though PR tactics that earn news coverage are still standard practice, these new PR tactics can help you gain credibility and grab the attention of customers.

It all starts with a press release. But it’s what you do with your release these days that counts. Here are four ways to use PR as a conduit to sales. …more at Not Your Father’s Marketing Campaign – Public relation tactics –

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Scratch and win customers

Bankers constantly fret about how to get customers into the branches since face time with a teller or sales rep is the best way to sell products and services and deepen the customer relationship.

Senior leadership at Fifth Third Bank faced this quandary after opening a string of de novos and expanding through acquisitions. What they hit upon to grab the attention of the public is to give away money-a quarter-of-a-million dollars worth.

“This campaign is a little bit different than some of the things that we have tried in the past,” says the bank’s Chief Marketing Officer Larry Magnesen. “We’ve been fairly active in the last few years in opening de novo banking centers in some of our key markets such as Chicago, Orlando, Tampa Bay, Nashville, etc. We wanted to see if we could put in a new program to put that plan [of building branch traffic] into hyper drive. The idea was to use something that would appeal to anyone, in this case winning a quarter of a million dollars, to get people who didn’t even think they were in the market for a financial product to come in and see us.” …more from U.S. Banker. Flickr photo credit: Shoshanah

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