Richard N. Block

Richard Block is a copywriter, editor, and translator from California. He began his career as a reporter and editor for community newspapers in California, where he wrote primarily for the government, business, and arts sections. As a commercial writer and editor, he has contributed to successful multi-million-dollar business proposals, created many informative documents and websites for medical service providers and device manufacturers, and contributed to several e-books for medical professionals and administrators. As a translator, he works in the academic, business, and technical fields, with experience translating documents in the fields of marketing, real estate, sociology, HVAC installations, information technology, and medicine, among others.

Richard received his bachelor’s degree in English, with a minor in professional writing, from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He holds a master’s degree in translation and interpreting from the University of Westminster, London, and he is a graduate affiliate member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.

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Ramey Rieger

Ramey Rieger is a professional, some say obsessed, German to U.S. English translator dedicated to literature and poetry. She also literally serves any sector of the arts seeking to excite American attention. Her ongoing projects include the bi-annual program for TRIFOLION in Echternach, Luxembourg, promotional material for Matthias Frey, Oscar nominated jazz musician, as well as translating biannual contributions to the Art &Therapy Journal. Her book projects have included translation assistance for the journalistic biography of Pope Francis (A Call to Serve), the American rendition of the sports thriller Boston Run, the excellently researched historical novel Centurion of the XIX Legion, and, most recently, the personal correspondence of Rainer Maria Rilke. At home in Germany since 1990, Ramey offers perfectly localized translations of German literature and creative texts, drawing on her profound understanding of both languages, whether in a literary or an idiomatic context.

As a popular political singer/songwriter, Ramey toured the States with her music throughout the eighties, venturing on to Rio de Janeiro before settling in Germany’s Taunus region. Ramey can still occasionally be seen on stage, but now prefers to work behind the scenes; putting her (enormous) energies into passionately precise translations. She has completed the Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom (GDS) at the Goethe Institute and is a certified professional translator with the Global Translation Institute.

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Tanja Rother

Tanja is a skilled, native German speaker with expertise in translations from English to German. Her focus is in the fields of development cooperation, human rights, and conflict transformation. Her clients have included the Forum Civil Peace Service, Humboldt University, InnoZ, Platform for Peaceful Conflict Management, and the World Peace Service, along with other academic institutions and non-governmental organizations. Among her recent projects are consultancy reports, reference terms, book chapters, sponsorship tenders, and promotional materials. Tanja’s main asset is her insider knowledge of the civil society sector that she gained through her extensive international experience and her work as a project coordinator and advisor. She continues to conduct training programs in intercultural conflict transformation and has lectured at the Institute of the International Education of Students Abroad in Freiburg.

She has experience in Web-based editing in English and German as well as in transcription. Tanja holds master’s degrees in social anthropology and Latin American studies from the Free University of Berlin and in peace and security studies from the University of Hamburg. Tanja is a PhD candidate at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

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