Jaime McGill
Jaime McGill
Berlin, Germany
Providing accurate German-to-English translations

Jaime is a skilled translator committed to providing accurate German-to-English translations that reflect the content and style of the original. She has experience with projects ranging from the technical (medical equipment manuals, SAP-based billing systems) to the literary (biographies, academic lectures). Jaime’s marketing translations have advanced clients’ interests on both sides of the Atlantic, helping them tap into the diversity of consumers in the United States. She prides herself on her ability to find the right word for every situation. Jaime combines her language abilities with her proofreading and editing skills for document comparison and verification to ensure the accuracy of third-party and other translations.

When not at her desk, she can often be found leading seminars on business negotiations, presentation skills, and intercultural communication to English language learners at a number of companies, including Bombardier, Commerzbank, Daimler AG, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Post, and Nokia Siemens. Jaime attended Oberlin College, where she earned a bachelor of arts in German studies and a bachelor of music in clarinet. She also holds a master of music in clarinet from Temple University. As a graduate student in musicology at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, she has guest lectured in English and in German at Berlin-area universities.