Richard N. Block
Berlin, Germany

Richard Block is a copywriter, editor, and translator from California. He began his career as a reporter and editor for community newspapers in California, where he wrote primarily for the government, business, and arts sections. As a commercial writer and editor, he has contributed to successful multi-million-dollar business proposals, created many informative documents and websites for medical service providers and device manufacturers, and contributed to several e-books for medical professionals and administrators. As a translator, he works in the academic, business, and technical fields, with experience translating documents in the fields of marketing, real estate, sociology, HVAC installations, information technology, and medicine, among others.

Richard received his bachelor’s degree in English, with a minor in professional writing, from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He holds a master’s degree in translation and interpreting from the University of Westminster, London, and he is a graduate affiliate member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.