The author of Grown Up Digital explains how Web savvy among the Net Generation (the boomers’ kids) will change how goods are bought and sold

When Alison Fetherstonhaugh was 15, her father, Brian, who is chairman and chief executive of OgilvyOne Worldwide, asked her to keep a diary of her media activities. What she recorded back in 2005 was startling—at least, for anyone in the traditional advertising business. Half of the TV she was watching wasn’t live. She zipped through TV ads. She didn’t read newspapers. After hearing the same story from Alison’s friends, Fetherstonhaugh realized that the advertising industry had underestimated the impact of the Internet.

Figures showing the percentage of disposable income spent online did not tell the full story. …more at Net Gen Transforms Marketing – BusinessWeek.

Flickr photo credit: Pascale Pirate Chickan