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‘My online store gets just one sale a month!’

We enlisted e-commerce experts to help a bricks-and-mortar retailer make the transition online.

Dear I have owned and operated a retail storefront for the past three years. I recently launched an online e-commerce Web site. I have paid an SEO guy each month and have aggressively marketed the site, but I’m only getting one sale a month. I am losing faith in all of the work, time and effort that has been put in. Do you have any suggestions on how to jumpstart the e-commerce portion of my business?

– Joanne Versaggi, Mélange Home Décor, Marlton, N.J.

Dear Joanne ... read more at ‘My online store gets just one sale a month!’ – Jan. 29, 2009.

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What works in online video advertising?

When it comes to advertisements in online videos, Web surfers don’t know what to expect. Watch an episode of The Office on Hulu, and you’ll get a couple of 15-second ads from sponsors like Target. View a National Geographic Channel clip about emperor penguins on YouTube, and you might see clickable ads for an Arctic cruise company across the lower portion of the video. Other sites opt for a lowly display ad off to one side of the screen.

Whatever form they take, online video ads are confusing for consumers. Can an ad be skipped, and what happens when you click on a banner or link—those are just some of the questions that leave Internet users scratching their heads. …read more at What Works in Online Video Advertising? – BusinessWeek.

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Web Analytics 101, Part 2

When using Web analytics, it’s easy to get caught up in all the numbers and statistics and lose sight of the overall goal — getting the intelligence you need to make effective adjustments to your Web site and online marketing strategies to increase the ROI your site delivers. It doesn’t do any good to use Web analytics to produce cool charts and reports but then fail to make adjustments to improve your site’s performance!

To illustrate how Web analytics can be used to make decisions to improve the effectiveness of an online marketing strategy and the performance of a Web site, consider the following examples:

Web Analytics 101, Part 2 – Search Engine Watch (SEW). Flickr photo credit: paul goyette

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