Raising awareness of your social service and public advocacy initiatives requires more than the occasional tweet. Let Archer Targeted Communication work with you to develop a comprehensive communications plan that alerts the public to your organization’s mission and generates stakeholder support for your goals.

Value Your Mission

Writing to attract donors demands that we understand who you are and what you want to achieve. What is your organization’s mission? To what community or communities is your work vital? What more can you achieve with the support of additional volunteers, staff, and money?

We work closely with your organizational leaders and staff, as well as constituents, to understand your perspective and goals so we can pitch your value to major donors and funding institutions.

Mind the Details

Every campaign is driven by organizational needs and expectations of supporters. In between are the seemingly minor, but quite important steps that together lead to success, or sometimes unfortunately, to failure. When is the proposal due? What should it include? Where is the budget? In what format must it be submitted? Do we need supporting documents from donors, collaborating groups, and issue leaders?

We help you assemble the pieces and have them at the ready for each initiative.

Document the Results

Tracking, stewardship, and evaluation are often neglected in the rush to acquire fundraising gold. Your stakeholders—whether individual leaders, project collaborators, or government agencies—need to know about the impact of their support and engagement. How should you disseminate your organization’s success stories? In what way do you assure donors that their gifts are being used as intended and expected? How should staff go about the business of collecting the data and documenting your organization’s work?

We guide you through the reporting and evaluation processes of fundraising administration.

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