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It is estimated that one in four attempted cyberattacks is aimed at U.S. companies. Most of the cybercriminals also happen to live in the United States. What do hackers actually do during major sporting events? Do they shut down their computers to watch the final match? Or do they hack for all it’s worth — in the hope that IT security personnel are distracted from their work at that time?

IT security specialist Imperva answered these questions with a comparison. The security vendor examined global hacker activity during the two largest and most important sports events, placing Super Bowl 2015 and the FIFA World Cup Final 2014 under the microscope. The interesting result: During the Super Bowl, U.S. hackers briefly took a break from their work. During the World Cup final, however, the American hackers were more active than ever.

Mehr auf Deutsch finden Sie hier: Superbowl versus Fußball-WM-Finale

The original blog post in English, written by Barry Shteiman, Director Security Strategy at Imperva, is here: Community Defense: Super Bowl Insights