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Instant infomercials: making millions from YouTube ads

Web media startup TurnHere churns out 1,000 corporate videos every month. That might just be the future of Web advertising.

EMERYVILLE, CALIF. (Fortune Small Business) — Antoine’s Restaurant in New Orleans had never been the subject of a TV commercial, let alone an Internet ad. The 168-year-old business, where third-generation waiters serve gumbo and other Creole delicacies to third-generation customers, had only ever advertised in print and on radio. So last June, the owners decided to drag the restaurant into the 21st century with an ad on YellowPages.com, complete with a promotional video.

That was good news for Brad Inman, owner and founder of the online video production company TurnHere. Based in Emeryville, Calif., TurnHere is fast becoming the first choice for local businesses around the country that want to show off their wares in a quick online movie, but have no idea how to make it look professional. Analysts say spending in this niche is set to explode. By producing videos as fast as it can, TurnHere is already cashing in. …read more at CNN.com. Image credit: TurnHere.com

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The winners: Europe’s young entrepreneurs

The tens of thousands of votes from our readers have been counted, and here’s our impressive group of Europe’s best young entrepreneurs

Winning an entrepreneurship contest is a feather in the cap, but it takes a lot more than that to make a business grow. As the nominees in this year’s BusinessWeek Best Young European Entrepreneurs competition can attest, building a successful startup requires passion, focus, constant work, and sometimes a bit of luck. ..more from BusinessWeek. Photo credit: theresealbrechtson.se

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16 business lessons for freelancers

The vast majority of freelance designers and developers have chosen to embark upon a career as a freelancer because of their interests and abilities that are related to the work that they’re doing. Running a business is just a necessary evil for most of us, rather than being the ultimate focus of an occupational decision. In many cases, the most dreaded duties for a freelancer are those that only deal with the business aspects, such as invoicing, tracking finances and working on taxes.

Regardless of how much we like or dislike the requirements of the business side of our work, running an efficient and legitimate business is essential… read more at 16 Business Lessons for Freelancers – DesignM.ag.

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