Century 21 moves its national TV money online.

“Century 21, one of the first real-estate companies to advertise on TV, is pulling all national TV advertising in 2009 and redirecting its efforts and ad dollars to the web. With the beleaguered real-estate market showing no signs of a turnaround, the realtor has decided to play the numbers and go where the buyers and sellers are: online. Beverly Thorne, senior VP-marketing, Century 21, said in years past the company has spent up to half of its advertising budget on creative for TV, but a majority of that money will be redirected to its online efforts in 2009.” More from Advertising Age. Logo credit:

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How to advertise now.

Unsure what to cut and what to keep? This smart, 4-point checklist is your guide to recession-era advertising.

When money’s tight, the knee-jerk reaction for many entrepreneurs is to cut back on advertising. Unfortunately, the businesses that stop advertising simply drop out of sight, taking these entrepreneurs from slow sales to no sales–fast. It’s a risky move many may not recover from. Rather than eliminate your advertising in a recession, cut the fat from your campaign, and focus on the right media choices for the highest ROI. To figure out what to cut and what to keep, use this checklist to choose the right media for your business in this challenging economy…” more from Photo credit: brianandmia

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Churches use novel approaches to attract members

THIS time of year, advertising is filled with religious imagery. But typically, little of it is actually sponsored by religious organizations. That is starting to change as churches seek to take advantage of the seasonal opportunity to communicate with prospective members.

The change comes as anecdotal evidence suggests that the worsening economy may be sending more people to churches, synagogues and other houses of worship as financial setbacks bring some to their knees — at least figuratively.

Denominations like the United Church of Christ have tried advertising before, running campaigns that play on the unexpectedness of encountering a pitch for religion amid more prosaic spiels for soup, soap and soft drinks… read more at Advertising – Churches Use Novel Approaches to Attract Members –

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