datacenter-logoDataCenter needed a new website and it needed an overhaul to reflect the ‘new’ programmatic framing, strategies, the ‘look’ – throughout all its communications vehicles. The website would have been the key vehicle to really launch our public messaging & branding effort.

The existing website was not only dated, but was maintained with insufficient capacity the past couple years, and while we had done a communications strategy assessment and had a good sense of the direction we wanted to go, we were totally lost as to how we even get started. That’s when Tammi came into the picture. She listened actively to understand our outcome goal, then helped us assess resources and capacity, and then mapped out in stages the path between the present and where we wanted to end up. None of us on staff really had adequate web development experience or IT proficiency for that matter, but Tammi broke down things in layperson terms and enabled me to lead this project with strategy and confidence. She also thought of long-term sustainability of our web dept and built in incremental training and capacity building into the project.

In terms of branding & visibility the new website has garnered an amazing response. Now the website is a key component of our marketing & outreach and the maintenance, as well as how to strategically approach use of web in our overall marketing and communications is less a mystery thanks to her guidance and facilitative leadership.

She is as a person trustworthy, respectful and courteous, and professionally she knows her stuff, really- and has high integrity – that says it all.

miho kim, Executive Director, DataCenter


histox-logoMeine Histox-Website habe ich mir mit einer Toolbox meines alten Providers zusammengebaut. Es war mühsam und ich hatte nicht annähernd die Möglichkeiten, die ich jetzt habe.

Die Website ist zum einen mein Schaufenster in der digitalen Welt. Da ich als freiberuflicher Rechtshistoriker einen sehr ungewöhnlichen Beruf ausübe, ist es wichtig, den Besuchern Arbeitsproben zu präsentieren und ihnen anschaulich zu erläutern, was ich mache. Dafür dienen die Seiten, die Tammi L. Coles von den englischen Versionen bis zu den Stockpics in enger Absprache mit mir konzipert hat.

Gleichzeitig ist es mir wichtig, auf aktuelle Veranstaltungen hinzuweisen und zu aktuellen Geschehnissen Stellung zu nehmen. Die Seite ist übersichtlich und zugleich so flexibel und komplex, dass sie beinahe wie ein Newsportal funktioniert. Ich habe dafür schon sehr viele Komplimente und positive Rückmeldungen erhalten. Viele spätere Mandanten haben Vertrauen in die Arbeit von Histox gefaßt, als sie die Website gesehen haben. Meine Follower bei Twitter und die Abonnenten meines Newsletters nehmen stetig zu. Social Media funktioniert auch sehr gut bei komplexen Themen. Ich bin angenehm überrascht.

Ralf Oberndörfer, Owner, Histox


ccaps-logoAs the Chairman of the Board of Milengo, I already knew that Tammi was a brilliant writer. What I did not know was that she had the ability to deliver the full package of website design and content.

When we approached her to work on the Ccaps website, our experience had been more than disappointing, as it had taken us more than one year to have a few pages done by another vendor. I was desperate and completely skeptical that someone could turn things around. Yet she did. And with stellar performance!

Tammi managed to capture the essence of our ideas for the website with very little guidance. One month after we had started working together, she already had the whole framework, both in design and content. Then we only needed to add a few more things, tweak a few others, make some adjustments and the result was simply superb. The Ccaps website ( is probably one of the best pieces of our marketing strategy to date. Her writing skills are the best I have seen throughout my professional life and the way she promptly responded to every demand we made (and I am picky as hell, trust me!) was simply admirable. Not to mention the knowledge and capacity to capture the ideas that even for me were not so clear.

Targeted Communication is indeed the best description of her work, and “Archer” Tammi’s bow and arrow will certainly help us strike every client we prospect.

Fabiano Cid, Managing Director, Ccaps


Tammi hat eine Website für uns entwickelt. Alles war fristgemäß abgeschlossen und wir sind zufrieden mit ihrer Arbeit. – Matthew Victor, U.S. Visa Consulting

I hired Tammi L. Coles in 2008 to do the marketing for my small massage business. She did a great job on creating and supporting my website. Her solid local marketing tips and placement in search engines brought me lots of new clients. Her ideas on how to make new business helped me immensely to go out and make myself more present in the neighborhood. I appreciate her work a lot and can highly recommend her excellent qualities. – Ashema Wierowski, be touched Massagepraxis

Tammi has greatly supported the layout and organisation of my web ( ) site since 2011, when I asked her to take a look at my old website, completely remodel it, so I could easily update and understand it myself and support me in the initial phases of managing it myself. During the entire process Tammi very patiently and professionally explained how I could use the website for my needs. Before Tammi stepped in, the site was designed in a way that it could only easily be updated by the original designer, hence leaving me dependent on someone else availability. The new site development used standard templates which I was able to understand after guidance from Tammi. Tammi advised me on the options for the initial site layout and how to best manage my requirements as an artist through the site. During the entire process Tammi very patiently and professionally explained how I could use the website for my needs and step by step made me more familiar with its program. Based on my experience I would warmly recommend Tammi to support anyone trying to learn how to build their own website due to her calm and professional approach towards me as a client, to allow me to far better understand my needs and the options how these could be achieved and to the continuity of her support. – Florian Foerster, Artist/Printmaker