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How Nonprofits Use Search Engines for Good

Flickr cc image from a Search Engine Land article, marketing consultant Byrne Hobart uncovers the use of search engine optimization and marketing tactics in driving issue-based campaigns. While written for those already aware of SEO and SEM (e.g. term ranks, keyword research, organic results), the article is also a primer for those non-profits that wish to add these tools to their toolbox.

  • How do citizens, journalists, political leaders, and donors already gain awareness of political campaigns?
  • How can SEO and SEM help non-profits raise the visibility of their initiatives in an ever-crowded playing field?
  • How can advocacy groups with more time- or media-sensitive targets use SEO and SEM to place their concerns in the very same spaces as those they are challenging?

Great tips. Worth the read. SEO For A Good Cause: Supporting Advocacy & Non-Profit Campaigns – Search Engine Land, January 14, 2011

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Small Business SEO: How to Launch That Web Site

It’s hard when you’re small. Everything seems bigger and more intimidating. Puppies get toppled by bigger dogs, middle schoolers are stuffed in lockers and small business owners back away in fear of this whole “Internet” thing. But like the chess player who grew up to be accepted by the Homecoming Queen, you, too, can overcome! The trick is to never let your fear stop you from your plans of World domination.

Though you may be smaller, there’s no shortage of opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to compete in search. And that statement is made even more true when you consider that nearly 40 percent of searches include local intent and that the search engines are now using local results even when a user doesn’t implicitly ask for them. If you’re a small business, that’s an opportunity.

Okay, so say you’re a small business looking for search on a dime. You have your domain, your hosting is squared away, you have a few pages of content up and you’re finally ready to attract the world (or at least your city) to your Web site. Being small means you need to be smarter. It’s about doing all the little things that will pack the big rewards. Where do you start? …read more at Small Business SEO: How to Launch That Web Site – outspoken media, published 15 April 2009.

Flickr photo credit: Artelier Teee

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Local Search: What’s it all about, Alfie?

In the past, local advertising was the best way to reach new customers for if you have a business offering local goods and services. Yellow pages, local newspapers, door-to-door flyers, coupons and promotions and word-of-mouth do still generate phone calls and storefront traffic. But today consumers are increasingly using the Internet as their primary source of local business information. Having your business presented at the top of search engine results and in local directories is now a critical part of any local marketing plan. And it can be very cost effective when compared to traditional media.

This series of posts will explain the ins and outs of local search visibility, provide an overview of the pros and cons of local search marketing, and explain how it can be integrated into your overall marketing plan. …more at Local Search – What’s it all about Alfie? Local Search Marketing Series, Part 1 –, published 30 March 2009.

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