How Nonprofits Use Search Engines for Good

Flickr cc image from a Search Engine Land article, marketing consultant Byrne Hobart uncovers the use of search engine optimization and marketing tactics in driving issue-based campaigns. While written for those already aware of SEO and SEM (e.g. term ranks, keyword research, organic results), the article is also a primer for those non-profits that wish to add these tools to their toolbox.

  • How do citizens, journalists, political leaders, and donors already gain awareness of political campaigns?
  • How can SEO and SEM help non-profits raise the visibility of their initiatives in an ever-crowded playing field?
  • How can advocacy groups with more time- or media-sensitive targets use SEO and SEM to place their concerns in the very same spaces as those they are challenging?

Great tips. Worth the read. SEO For A Good Cause: Supporting Advocacy & Non-Profit Campaigns – Search Engine Land, January 14, 2011